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Aug 26, 2019
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Welcome to the world of Shaw Sports Turf, where innovation and excellence meet to create top-notch sports turf solutions. As one of the leading providers in the industry, Shaw Sports Turf is dedicated to delivering high-performance surfaces that enhance athletic performance, safety, and aesthetics.

Unleashing the Power of Cutting-Edge Technology

At Shaw Sports Turf, we harness the latest advancements in technology to create sports turf that exceeds expectations. Our team of experts combines expertise, research, and innovation to develop state-of-the-art products that enhance the game and provide a long-lasting playing surface.

Our proprietary technologies, such as ShawPads™ and HydroChill®, set us apart from the competition. ShawPads™ provide superior shock absorption and underfoot support, reducing the risk of injuries and ensuring player safety. HydroChill® utilizes moisture to cool the turf, providing a comfortable playing experience even in hot weather conditions.

The Versatility You Need for Every Sport

Shaw Sports Turf offers a wide range of sports turf solutions, tailored to fit the specific needs of every sport. Whether it's football, baseball, soccer, field hockey, or lacrosse - we've got you covered. Our turf systems are designed to deliver consistent ball roll, optimal traction, and exceptional durability for a variety of sports.

Our team works closely with coaches, athletic directors, and professional athletes to design and install customized turf systems that meet the unique requirements of each sport. We understand the nuances of different game dynamics and ensure that our turf will not only meet expectations but exceed them.

Unparalleled Performance, Unmatched Quality

When you choose Shaw Sports Turf, you can expect nothing less than the highest level of performance and quality. Our products are rigorously tested to withstand heavy usage, extreme weather conditions, and intense play. We take pride in delivering sports turf solutions that stand the test of time.

Our commitment to sustainability is another aspect that sets us apart. We prioritize responsible manufacturing processes, utilizing eco-friendly materials and reducing our environmental impact. With Shaw Sports Turf, you can ensure a greener future while enjoying top-tier playing surfaces.

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