Wakefly Redesigns Lion Technology's Kentico Site

Jan 19, 2018
Website Development

Wicked Fast Marketing, a prominent player in the Business and Consumer Services - Marketing and Advertising industry, is thrilled to announce the successful redesign of Lion Technology's Kentico site. With their expert team at Wakefly, they have taken Lion Technology's online presence to the next level.

The Collaborative Journey

The partnership between Wicked Fast Marketing and Lion Technology was based on a shared vision to create an exceptional digital experience for Lion's customers. Wakefly, known for their high-end copywriting and SEO proficiency, crafted a comprehensive strategy to revamp Lion Technology's existing site.

The Wakefly team commenced the project with meticulous research and analysis, gaining deep insights into Lion Technology's target audience, industry landscape, and competitors. Armed with this knowledge, they developed a tailored approach to build a site that would outshine competitors and rank prominently on search engine result pages.

Revolutionizing the User Experience

The key objective of the redesign was to revolutionize the user experience (UX) and make it as seamless as possible. Wakefly's team of UI/UX designers worked in perfect harmony with the SEO experts to create a visually stunning and highly functional website that would captivate visitors from the very first interaction.

Through a combination of engaging visuals, intuitive navigation, and optimized content, the new Lion Technology site offers a truly immersive experience to users. The user-friendly design incorporates responsive elements that ensure smooth transitions across various devices and platforms, providing an even broader reach.

Unleashing the Power of Content

The importance of quality content cannot be overstated in today's digital landscape. Wakefly's copywriters, well-versed in the art of persuasion, crafted compelling and informative narratives to engage Lion Technology's target audience. Each page was meticulously optimized to include relevant keywords, vital for search engine visibility.

The team at Wakefly understands that creating unique, valuable, and comprehensive content is the cornerstone of effective search engine optimization. By blending extensive research with their expertise in storytelling, they were able to create engaging content that not only informs but also converts visitors into valuable leads and customers.

Driving Results and Exceeding Expectations

After the redesign, Lion Technology witnessed a dramatic increase in organic traffic and improved search rankings across relevant keywords. The site's improved performance translated into increased lead generation and higher conversion rates. Lion Technology found themselves standing out in a crowded market, leaving their competitors trailing behind.

Wicked Fast Marketing and Wakefly were proud to have delivered exceptional results for Lion Technology. The collaboration showcased the true power of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, combining cutting-edge design, persuasive content, and meticulous search engine optimization.


The successful redesign of Lion Technology's Kentico site is a testament to Wicked Fast Marketing's expertise in the field of marketing and advertising. The collaboration with Wakefly has resulted in a visually stunning, user-friendly, and highly optimized website that sets Lion Technology apart from its competitors.

As businesses continue to recognize the value of an exceptional online presence, Wicked Fast Marketing remains at the forefront, helping clients establish themselves as industry leaders through innovative marketing strategies, cutting-edge design, and quality content that ranks high on search engines.