Wakefly Wins Gold Award at the 2019 AVA Digital Awards

Nov 2, 2017

Wicked Fast Marketing is thrilled to announce our recent triumph, as we were honored with the esteemed Gold Award at the highly renowned 2019 AVA Digital Awards. As a leading player in the business and consumer services industry, this recognition further highlights our commitment to excellence and innovative marketing strategies.

Redefining Digital Excellence

At Wicked Fast Marketing, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of industry trends and delivering exceptional results to our clients. This prestigious Gold Award serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication and the boundless enthusiasm we bring to every project we undertake.

Winning this award in the highly competitive category of Marketing and Advertising is a true honor. Our relentless pursuit of excellence has allowed us to stand out from the crowd and solidify our position as a leader in the field.

The Journey Leading to Success

Our winning entry at the 2019 AVA Digital Awards showcased our exceptional capabilities and expertise in creating enticing marketing campaigns that captivate audiences. We utilized our deep understanding of consumer behavior, data analysis, and cutting-edge technology to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that delivered outstanding results for our client.

As a result of our meticulous planning, creativity, and effective execution, our campaign resonated with the targeted audience and generated significant brand awareness and customer engagement. The Gold Award is a testament to the exceptional teamwork exhibited by our talented professionals who work tirelessly to deliver remarkable outcomes.

Recognizing Innovation and Creativity

The AVA Digital Awards is an internationally acclaimed competition that recognizes outstanding work in the realm of digital marketing and communication. With an esteemed panel of judges comprised of industry experts, winning a Gold Award at AVA speaks volumes about the brilliance, innovation, and creativity of our team.

Our success at the 2019 AVA Digital Awards further motivates us to push boundaries and continually raise the bar for industry excellence. We are inspired by this recognition and will continue to relentlessly pursue creative solutions, ensuring our clients receive the best possible ROI and achieve their business goals.

Future Endeavors

As we celebrate this incredible achievement, we are more determined than ever to drive the digital marketing landscape forward. Our passion for delivering exceptional results, combined with our relentless work ethic and commitment to staying at the forefront of emerging trends, ensures we remain the go-to partner for businesses seeking strategic marketing and advertising solutions.

With this prestigious Gold Award at the 2019 AVA Digital Awards, we are confident in our ability to continue surpassing client expectations and raising the bar for excellence in the industry. Together with our clients, we will forge new paths, conquer new challenges, and redefine what is possible in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.

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Join us in celebrating our Gold Award victory at the 2019 AVA Digital Awards and discover why Wicked Fast Marketing is the trusted choice for businesses looking to elevate their digital presence and achieve unparalleled success.

Lola Rain
Congratulations to Wakefly for winning the prestigious Gold Award at the 2019 AVA Digital Awards! 🎉🥇 This recognition is a testament to their commitment to excellence and innovative marketing strategies. As a leading player in the industry, they continue to redefine digital excellence. Kudos to the entire team at Wakefly for their well-deserved achievement! 👏💪
Nov 11, 2023